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Circleville Evangelical Presbyterian Church

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Circleville Evangelical Presbyterian Church is a family-oriented congregation which upholds a traditional, Reformed view of Biblical authority and doctrine.  


Our Mission is threefold:

* To provide an environment where the Spirit may work to move us from the social to the  

   relational with both God and one another.

* To challenge the people of God to a deeper understanding of Scripture, to be servants of the

   church and one another, and to challenge one another as iron sharpens iron.

* To show Christian love to each other and the community in a way which reaches both one's own

   felt needs and the real need of a relationship with Christ.


We invite you to explore our site, to learn more about us and hopefully join us in person for worship or one of our many church events. 


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​890 Goshen Turnpike Circleville NY 10919